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October 19, 2005 by esg-designs
I thought this site was cool. What do you think?
October 14, 2005 by esg-designs
Just wondering cause I came across this website:

That would be sort of cool if someone did that here.
October 5, 2005 by esg-designs
yup... ahhhh.

Not that anybody would want to hear it... but I think my friends would.

I will be talking about the entertainment indrustry, culture and the internet. Of course I'll be mentioning skinning, but since most of the people I know have no clue what skinning is, or podcasting, or blogs, I will tend to explain allot when I speak to skinning.

My long awated Art and Skin Report will be discussed on there also, so check that out too.
October 1, 2005 by esg-designs
This isn't exaclty about a movie... its about a online archiving tool of all your media and book listings. From what you have to what you wish you had.

The site is still in development, but what makes it different from other simular sites is that it is run by tags, and it has large social networking abilities.

The interface is nice too. A far cry from other sites like this (even the one I am developing LOL)

Users get their own sub url of which makes it even easier to share your collect...
September 25, 2005 by esg-designs

As some of you may already know, I am working on a few animated shows for my blog. I am not only doing this because its just fun, but I am doing this in the hopes that other try it too. Maybe it will become the 'thing' to do or the next TV medium to be concored (spell?).

So basically I have 3 formats of which I am working on. One is 2Charlton where so far the main person is DavidLove. This blog soap is crated with a 3d online site called (the image on top). Basically the sto...
September 24, 2005 by esg-designs
Easily identify what are the processes running on your PC. Just use this site to research the *.exe listed in your Task Manager.

This is SOOOO important its not even funny. I was looking for this but gave up after googling it, A9 searches, and yohooin it... yes I said yahooing it. What I like Yahoo.

Anyway, how many times have you wanted to knock out a process because it was taking too much memory or even virtual memory? The sran thing is eating up CPU cyles? Turn it off! (well at least f...
September 19, 2005 by esg-designs

Community Cares

You can help by buying a shirt and being a billboard for victims. Just go to the link above. It is sponsored by Cafepress. Here is a quote from their front page:
Why We're Here:
In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, our Shopkeeper community is joining forces to help victims get their lives back on track. With the ongoing need for aid, compassionate Shopkeepers are donating unique designs to our Hurricane Katrina Relief Shop. Each independently-created desig...
September 19, 2005 by esg-designs

Hello again!
Welcome back to the show (podcasts to come in the future - watch the show on There coming Spring 2006).

A few things for you today.
First up is

I have a website dedicated to all things Digg and what happens on there (and it can get pretty exciting on there... almost entertaining in fact... take a look at this post on Mac Fanboys)

Every so often, I select a few diggs that I want to highlight for what ever reason... boredom, excitment... funny....
September 19, 2005 by esg-designs
The Plan:
To open up a non-profit that helps artists, entertainers, fans, and developers come together unter one roof.
(I really want to help skinners, but I thought, why not other artists too?)

The Goal:
Become the number one portal for entertainment news, culture and health.
(Education is key to all of my projects)

The Solution:
Use the internet as a platform for interaction between new artists and entertainers, old school experts (from being an artist to the school of hard knocks)...
July 30, 2005 by esg-designs
The blog is a magazine sub-category of that goes into the lifes of skinners and artists on the net, but more specifically on WinCustomize (WinCusto for short).

I will be posting the continuation of WinCustomize User Page Articles as well as other related WinCusto related stories. I will have a links archive to articles written of interest on WinCusto that readers might or should be interested in. I will also post links to turorials as I find them.

Twice a year, hopefull...